June 30th / 9 am - 12 pm / Ages 6-18 / Limited to 100 Campers

At EDP Dog Camp, we’re dedicated to imparting a deep understanding of dog psychology to children, highlighting the significance of comprehending both the mental and physical aspects of our beloved canine companions.

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Our camp offers a unique opportunity for children to learn about dog communication and practical training. Our highly skilled and experienced trainers guide the campers in building a strong and secure bond with their current or future canine companions.
We instill values of pet responsibility, proper petting techniques, reading body language, and walking dogs. Safety is of the utmost importance, and our campers are grouped by age and navigate through various stations that promote a fulfilling and well-rounded relationship with their dogs.
While we encourage kids to interact with the dogs, we never pressure them to participate in any activities that they are not comfortable with.

Camp is 9 am to 12 pm, and lunch is provided on-site after the official learning period.

Parents can either drop their children off or are welcome to stay and watch the classes.

Registration includes a camp shirt and backpack for your child’s day of fun and learning.

Please do not bring your dog. Trained dogs will be provided by Estill Dog Psychology.


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Give your child an unforgettable experience at Estill Dog Psychology Dog Camp - where learning and fun come together seamlessly!

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